Concrete Walls Unlimited provides foundation wall waterproofing protection. We are an authorized and certified spray applicator for Deco Products.

We apply the Deco Wall Tie Patch over all the metal wall ties below grade and then use the Deco 20 Seal Waterproofing Membrane (Deco Seal) from the footer to the top of the basement walls. Deco Seal is available in two colors: gray or beige. In addition, we apply Deco Seal above grade on exposed garage and porch walls to match the waterproofing color of the basement walls.

Deco Seal is a water-based, eco-friendly acrylic material with a slightly thicker viscosity than paint. Since Deco Seal is applied as a liquid, it is seamless. Deco Seal is very durable against rock chips and UV radiation. It's paintable (if you want to change colors above grade) and provides above-grade wall protection that tar or black materials cannot. The color above grade provides an elegant look to your home.

Deco Seal, a product created in 1992, is ICC-approved in all US states. regulates building codes and creates standards for all waterproofing manufacturers. We've been using Deco Products for over 15 years and are very happy with their high-quality materials and support.

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