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Poured Concrete foundation by Concrete Walls Unlimited.

When it comes to foundation walls, you need something that you can depend on, something that won't rot away and leave your house looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. For the greatest dependability, look to poured concrete walls. Poured concrete walls provide superior strength and stability. The increased strength and density of concrete makes a poured wall water tight, dramatically reducing basement water problems. What’s more, concrete walls are virtually maintenance free. 

Concrete walls work perfectly for both residential and agricultural purposes. Their versatility and dependability ensures that all your assets are set on a firm base.

Extreme accuracy in concrete wall layout

Man laying out concrete foundation

One thing that sets Concrete Walls Unlimited apart is our attention to the smallest details. By using our robotic Total Station system we are able to accurately layout walls.

You can view examples of our perfect concrete walls in our photo gallery.

The choice that saves energy

One of the greatest benefits of poured concrete walls are the energy savings. The higher density of poured concrete walls, versus cement block walls, allows our walls to absorb and store heat more efficiently.

Additionally, when used with an insulation system, concrete walls can save significantly on heating and cooling costs.

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